Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Little Super Heroes

One of my goals as a Dad is to be my children’s hero.
To always be there to comfort them whenever they feel like a zero.
I'll stand to defend them whether they're right or wrong.
I’ll be happy to listen when they sing a happy or sad song.
My prayers will watch over them like a satellite.
My love will soar with them as far as the stars with twinkling light.
I'll be fearless like the wind that sweeps through every climb.
I'll enjoy the bedtime moments with each short story rhyme.
My heart will strive remain humble and teachable.
My desire will be to always love them more each day.
I have learned that my strength is dependent upon the strength of my little heroes.
I realize that I'm not much of a hero at all.
I’m only a man under his pretend hero costume.
My true strength depends on the strength that my little heroes give to me.
My Bradley Joel is my Captain America and my Isabella is my Super Women.
Without them I would be left to my own strength, which is very little.
In spite of my weakness, I am surrounded by tender mercies and I find myself blessed with his angels who are my little super heroes.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Words of Wisdom

We were browsing through the antique stores and found a piece of wood that had the following written on it:

If you want to be seen, stand up
If you want to be heard, speak up
If you want to be appreciated, shut up