Sunday, September 13, 2009


I’ve become an architect and have learned a few new tricks

That when constructing a new building it’s more than just brick on brick

There’s a plan and a specific design

Which to my knowledge are great and fine

Everything is so particular from fit to finish and all

For once this building is complete it will be open and welcome to all

I proceed to walk with great expectations to confirm that there’s no flaw

But I realize there are stairs cases without railings that could cause one to fall

The stairs lead to the top as if it was a race

While the vaulted ceilings reveal their height and lots empty of space

My intention was to make this building safe and built to code

Since the appearance shows that it’s a place where anyone can abode

I then realize that people don’t know that this building dead ends

I realize this is a building where there are no friends

For I know of the traps that wait

Which are hidden and can take over ones fate

Normally constructing building like this is something I wouldn’t dare

For the dangers that lurk does not make this fare

I tell myself my intentions were good

But then realize they were as rotten and hollow as dead wood

I then realize this building has become something too large to hide

For this building is a literal a representation of my pride

I break down in sobs because of the selfishness of my of heart

I now have the challenge to take this building apart.

For as quickly as it was constructed my building is now condemned to fail

For pride is something that will quickly drag my soul to hell

My heart cries out for help to overcome my weakness as I begin to stumble.

Is there a way for a man like me to become humble?

I then hear a voice whispering inside my ear

Which calmly begins to chase away my fear

I’ve forgotten how the evil one can take peace from my soul

And that through Christ my Lord I receive peace that mends and makes me whole

Oh please allow me to renew with a new commit

That perfect or not I will never give up or quit

For pride is something we can all overcome

As long as we accept Christ and always make him number one


Janene Baadsgaard said...

This is wonderful. Did you write this? Great insights!

Josephine said...

great job, joe! love ya!

April said...