Sunday, May 13, 2012

Things I learned while at Omniture / Adobe

Questions to frequently ask myself:

Why do I care?
What is my plan?

Lessons Learned:

Always be looking for a job while I have a job.
Always have the right attitude even when everything about the situation seems to be working against me.
Laugh at things that make me upset or stressed.
Everything is simple.  Things are always complicated when I don't take the time to learn.
Knowing how to breathe effectively allows me to better control any situation.
There are no trials.  Trials is the Lords way of telling you to stop what you're doing so he can show you where to go.
Take time to do what I need to do for me.  I can't let anyone be the excuse or result of frustration when I'm not doing what you need to do for yourself.
Don't be complacent with current skill sets.  Take them to the next degree, certification, or position.
Less is more.
Let the Holy Spirit guide.  Don't let human emotion be your guide. 
Say thank you and always express appreciation for the kind things others do for you.

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Janene Baadsgaard said...

Wonderful lessons for all of us.