Monday, January 3, 2011

The heart is the teacher to the mind

This is a flood of thoughts that came into my mind today. This is still in a rough draft format but I feel that it gets my thoughts and feelings across. I just felt like sharing and hope that those who read will enjoy this.

My mind likes to take walks down the avenues of my heart. It’s down these avenues I’m able to find the quiet and gentle peace my heart is ready to unfold. My mind began to think of the many instances where I felt let down because of something I had done but no one had noticed. I’ve experienced this feeling on many occasions. These are the times where I’ve put so much energy and effort into doing nice for someone else. Then when my actions aren’t noticed I become deflated. This feeling is empty. I realized I had an over inflated expectation and this expectation sets itself up for failure. The word failure scares my mind because I don’t want to fail. I then hear a whisper coming from the avenues of my heart telling me that there's truth in failure. The truth is that failure is really an opportunity to be taught by the Master. I feel that I’m being tried by the Master. Another whisper echoed in my ears stating that I’m never tried. I’m only unnecessarily trying myself with my lack of understanding. My heart began to open and better understand that the Master attempts to teach me but too often my mind becomes distracted. My heart then opened a new avenue. It asked me how does the Master feel when I blatantly ignore what he has created for me. I thought about how I feel and thinking about how it would make him feel caused me turn my head in shame because of my ingratitude. It then occurred to me that the Masters Creations that I can see, feel, and touch were created just for me. This helped my heart to grow deeper roots of appreciation. Another whisper gently brushed by my ears stating that the Master has and will always give me little miracles through his creations in more ways than I can imagine. What I did understand at this point is that there’s a continual and unconditional effort the Master put into each moment in my life. His greatest miracles come from the smallest and simplest things. My heart then opened a new bend in the road and the wind whispered that the Master feels and still feels the raw emotions that I feel. The difference is that Master himself has mastered his emotions. He doesn't allow a small letdown stop him from doing all of the little things that make up the beauty around me. His love is like the courage of the wind that encompasses the whole earth. There’s no crevasse or cavern left untouched by the wind. My heart then showed me that the beauties of the world symbolize the Masters atonement. Flaming colors in a sunrise and sunset purify and cleanse the beginning and end of each day. The sunlight chases darkness with its mighty power. The wonder of the Masters creations is a visual display of the power that I have each day to put off the natural man. Doing this allows me to see the blue dark, the soft colors of winter, and the radiant colors of the summer. The measure of his creations shows me the measure of the Masters emotions that ranges from the bitter cold of winter to the scorching heat of the summer. He completely understands what I feel and it's in everything around me. His creations show me his emotion but his emotion is overpowered by unconditional love. My mind then realized that just acknowledging his creations and the beauty that lies therein is just a scratch on the surface with what I can see with my natural eye. For if I could see and really understood the miracle of one single flower my whole perspective on life would change. My mind wonders what life would be like if I could fully understand the work of his miracles. Maybe then I’d really understand but I soon realized that I’d still only be scratching the surface. My heart showed me a deeper and greater truth that the Master wanted me to have. The truth is that all other miracles exist to surround and compliment me. It’s then my responsibility to compliment miracles around me to complete the eternal round. My mind then began to understand that through these miracles that I can be one of the greatest creations. Greatness only comes in assisting the Master to create more miracles with the power or his hands. I can in turn enjoy the full measure of the Masters Love and creations. It is through the miracles that surround me each day that I can become like my Master and ultimately become like my God.


April said...

That was so beautiful Joseph- thank you for sharing that today! I love you.

Janene Baadsgaard said...

I love this Joseph. Thank you for sharing your insights and your love.