Sunday, February 5, 2012

Awake and Arise

There are no big words,
Big words are made from many small words.
There are no big problems,
Big problems are the results of the small problems we don’t attend to.
There are no big immediate rewards,
Big rewards are the result of small blessings building off of one another.
There is no real fear,
Fear is the misuse of our imagination from our heart and mind.
There are no impossibilities,
There are only wrong signals that we emit from our soul.
There is no lack of power or strength,
There are only many opportunities where we forget to ask
There is always an abundance of love,
There are just too many opportunities where we don’t open our heart to feel it.
Everything exists in abundance,
Awake and arise so we may continually lay hold upon every good and simple blessing

1 Nephi 1: 13, 14, 21, and 23

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