Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gifts from Caleb part II

Having an eye single to the glory of God
Caleb has kept us in places where our feet are shod
With a sparkle that shines towards eternity
Caleb shines a light giving us the gift of certainty
With little hands to heal our weak and weary hearts
Caleb has reached out and touched us with Christ’s healing art
A master who painted a portrait oh so magnificently
Caleb’s presence has greatly strengthened each of our testimonies
Increasing our faith and making us sure
Caleb reminds us of a love that is so pure
Reaching out with arms open to embrace
Caleb with no doubt had Christ’s countenance upon his face
Inspiring greatness seeing the world with different eyes
Caleb has taught us that each of us can be a living miracle in each other’s lives
Reminding us the abundance life has to offer
Caleb showed us the power of family with loving siblings, a mother and father
Oh little Caleb we are so grateful for all that you give
We’re grateful for your life and the way that you lived
Your life will always remind us of a greater love
With all the gifts you’ve brought from above
The world saw you with little but we saw you with so much more
Our understanding of miracles is now greater since you’ve opened the door
Oh dear Caleb we’ll always love you so
Your love helps us to understand a love we all know
Oh dear Caleb be it known unto you
That your life showed Gods miracles to more than a few
Thank you for fulfilling your mission and for bringing peace to our lives
May we all continue to see the world through your eyes