Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Greatest Gift of Charity

Clearer than drops of falling rain,

Tears of joy begin to wash away the pain.

Deep within my heart a light begins to glow.

What was dim is now brighter and starting to show.

A smile radiates beyond the look upon my face.

Within my heart I’m now able to find my place.

Fear becomes a shadow being chased by his light.

Giving me the strength to give my heart, mind, and might.

Understanding deepens seeing him with arms open to embrace.

In trying to be like him, I find his countenance upon my face.

Within burns a desire to share a greater love.

That love which can only come from our home above.

A love greater than all the grains of sand,

A love that could not pierce his mighty hand,

A love which pierces the center of the very soul,

A love which is always there to make me whole,

A love that knows no bound,

A love that can always be found,

A love that surpasses all human knowledge and certainty,

Oh how weak and imperfect I can be.

His love gives the greatest gift of all.

The greatest gift of charity.

1 Corinthians Chapter 13 (Charity)

Joseph C. Baadsgaard

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