Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Within us is greatness that is possible for all to see,

Then why is it I can’t see the greatness inside of me?

Too often I feel I should be doing more,

And at times I question who am I doing this for?

My heart becomes troubled and soul becomes numb

Am I the person I’m supposed to become?

Have I become as a leper, or even deaf, or blind?

Because I’m left with feelings of falling behind.

But then I remember how much faith these people had.

Aside from the reasons they had to be sad.

For they saw things in a different light,

In the midst of struggle stress and strife.

I begin to understand that miracles aren’t only for the things we see outside,

We need miracles for the spiritual things inside.

So when life is difficult and stares us in the face,

We just need to lengthen our stride and keep a steady pace.

For we all have moments that waken our will,

But we need to find it within ourselves to be still.

For we all are capable of seeing ourselves through Heavenly Fathers eyes

And with this healing miracle our hearts will break down and cry.

Our own understanding and perspective remains small,

But through the eyes of our father we can see all.

For through his eyes we can see through eternity,

As our own greatness beings to shine so brilliantly.

For greatness isn’t being perfect as we give it our all,

Greatness is rising after each time we fall.

So when life is hard and we feel that we’ve lost the race,

Remember how Heavenly Father sees you and his countenance is upon your face.

For we all are miracle in our own and precious way,

And if we look to our Heavenly Father he will always show us the way.

Joseph C. Baadsgaard


Arianne said...

Such beautiful work!

Janene Baadsgaard said...

I love this blog! Thanks for sharing your beautiful poetry.