Wednesday, October 1, 2008


As we look at our lives in waves of reflection
We seek for the meaning of the word perfection
What meaneth the word perfection?
Is it anything beyond human detection?
For what role does perfection play in our life?
As we experience imperfection, struggle and strife
Perfection is like a mountain where we stand on high ground
It is a place where we are above human and worldly sounds
A mountain sets itself apart by how it reaches towards the sky
Perfection set itself apart as it answers our questions of why
For from a mountain top we see many peaks
Helping us to understand to obtain the perfection we seek
In life we come upon many different peaks that we need to climb
As we find each individual experience becoming sublime
So how do we conquer the mountains we face?
In a line upon line precept upon precept pace
As we come to know Christ we learn how to aspire
We climb mountain tops allowing us to reach higher
For Christ has set the path we need to follow
In becoming more like him we are not left feeling hollow
For ought not we to become the like the greatest of all?
In following his foot prints we can rise above all
Although our progression at times may be slow
Christ helps us to take our light and let it grow
For at this point we begining to understand perfection
As we see his face in our own reflection.

Isaiah 2:2
2nd Nephi 12:3
D &C 98:12

Joseph C. Baadsgaard

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