Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The power of his light

The power of his light always helps me to know,

In trying to be like him my heart can always glow.

How stalwart, bright and sure

There’s no light that could be more pure.

Chasing my fears and wiping my tears,

His light has taught me through all of these years

His light opens the door of understanding to my heart,

As his light brightens it commences its healing art.

How peaceful and calm is his light as it enters the soul.

It takes me as one to combine and make me whole.

Oh how weak my understanding can be.

His light encircles and strengthens every part of me.

His light gives me understanding that enlightens my will.

In following his footsteps I realize what I need to fulfill.

His light stands as the strongest witness for my learning and weakened soul.

Remembrance sharpens as I always find my heart left full.

His light has shown me how to live

Reminding the importance to give.

In giving my heart, mind, and might,

I can accomplish that which is right.

His light unlocks the door to the greatest gift of all.

Upon finding this I know I cannot fall.

It gives the purest light and clarity,

Through his light I receive the gift of charity.

Joseph C.Baadsgaard

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