Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Calming the Storm

After a raging storm of confusion and fear

Streaks of light chase away the darkness

Tear drops from heaven washed away my pain

As a promise followed in an array of colors arced across the sky

A gentle passing breeze whispered peace into my heart

As I felt comfort in the warmth of the sun

My thoughts ascended towards heaven in a wondering manner asking am I worthy of the peace I have been given?

The sun grew brighter bending shadows at its will

And through the brightness of the sun by blindness fled

For a brief moment I saw Gods love

Through the light of his spirit and son

My heart was overwhelmed in the truth of his light

As I tired to comprehend the immeasurable love of God

Calmness followed as the sun began to set for the night

With arms stretched towards heaven I cried unto God to not be left alone

Another whisper echoed in my ears saying, you are never alone

For even in your darkest hours my light abides with you and until you return to me I will never leave you

With a humble heart I realized that what was said was true

For all my life I’ve been so blind but not I finally know

That in times of struggle and strife are the times we learn the most

Other days have followed and when I see the light

A memory beams bright inside as I remember that night

For all we have been given this is all we need to know

Through Gods love let your light so shine and in darkness let it grow.

Joseph C. Baadsgaard

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