Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Within the Depths of My Heart

If I was able to tell a story about my heart, what would it be?

Would I be able to share every part of me?

Could I express how it has hidden behind doubt and fears?

Maybe I could tell about how it has released many tears.

My heart wants to grow as quickly as the moving sunrise cresting a mountain peak.

There I find the desires I’m trying to seek

My heart sometimes feels like a dream.

Flowing much like the bending and turning of a stream.

In my heart are treasures hidden and in my heart are treasures found.

Within my heart lies the path to homeward bound.

My heart lets go of a world I once knew.

This it was sent to a world where there are more than a few.

My heart is like the sun crying a sunset and smiling a sunrise.

Within my heart lies a light.

Something that has always wanted to burn bright.

In that light I see a name.

Of one who paid the price and is an eternal flame.

Darkness if fallen upon by the warmth of his love,

Taking my heavy heart and making it light as a dove.

In this light I find the warmth of his embrace.

Helping me through the trouble I face

For that my heart smiles as I await a new day.

As I walk with him while he shows me the way

Joseph C. Baadsgaard.

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