Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Masterpiece

Everyday when the noon day sun rises and falls,

Is the story of someone’s heart painted across the sky.

Thoughts and memories awaken at the hint of a whispering breeze,

While true colors shine bringing light and love to those who seek.

From raging storms of confusion fall stinging rain drops of impression cleansing the mind of bad memories and bitterness.

Rainbows following with a message of peace and happiness.

The sun calmly sets inviting a new day to shine through the darkness of a lost and wondering night.

As time continues to race by, the seasons change.

So are the feelings of the heart.

It’s a portrait of our life with our feelings sketched out as strokes towards the masterpiece we all seek for.

In times of loneliness look up at the sky and the sun that lights up the masterpiece of your heart.

For there Christ truly understands us.

He is the master in our masterpiece called life that lasts forever.

For the many blessings we can receive

One must find it in their heart to believe

For the blessing of truth is one to desire

While learning to follow Christ we can inspire

For what in life does it take to truly succeed?

When through revelation we find what we need

For when we read the scriptures we receive the power

To learn, to teach, and to serve every hour

For the way the scriptures teach us how to pray

Our Heavenly Father sends blessing along the way

For all the things we are given to know

We find that in darkness we can continue to grow

For the ultimate goal of human kind

Is that we must be of one heart and one mind

For there’s the place where we become one

When we stand in the light of our Heavenly Father’s son

For his light gives us the greatest blessing of all

Even in the midst of temptation we will not fall

For one day we’ll have the opportunity

To live with our Heavenly Father and his son for eternity

I see his face and wonder as he suffered in Gethsemane,

How many times has he wept and walked with me?

No nails in hands or feet could pierce his immeasurable love.

He’s the one who shows the way back to our home above.

The calmness in his eyes I see that calms my troubled soul.

His hands pick up my broken heart to mend and make it whole.

How many times have I seen one set of footprints in the sand?

As I find myself being carried and feel the warmth of his mighty hands.

Standing by me as my most true and loving friend,

He uplifts and guides me to where there’s no end.

I see his face full of mercy and a tear fall from his eye.

Telling me oh how happy it makes me each time I see you try.

He helps me see my eternal worth.

Telling me that I’m more than just a spec on the earth.

He becomes my source of strength and light with each new passing day.

How grateful I am for all that he gives to show us the way.

I see a star shinning brightly in the sky

Reminding me of his birth and that he for all of us would die

No greater love can touch the hearts of man

Than he the Savior who fulfilled God’s plan.

Joseph C. Baadsgaard

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