Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Remembering our older brother and savior

Remember the beauty painted across the evening skies,

Remind you of the beauty I see in your eyes.

Let the warmth of my light breaking through the trees,

Be a reminder of all I did for you and put your heart at ease.

Remember each time you open your heart,

My hands are able to perform their healing art.

Remember my example and gift of eternity,

Remind you of your potential and that one day you can be like me.

Remember me even in your darkest hour,

Be a reminder of what resides within you is power.

Open up your eyes to see all that you can.

So that you may know I overcame the troubles of man.

Remember every drop of blood and every tear that was spilt,

Remind you of where your foundation must be built.

Remember to take the time to know of my love for you.

Let it always comfort and strengthen you.

Remember through my eyes the way I see you.

Let it be your light to guide and carry you.

Oh remember all my love that is given unto thee.

Accept my gift of forgiveness and come dwell with me in eternity.

Joseph C. Baadsgaard

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