Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Sacred Grove

Oh that I was an angel and had wings to fly
Oh that I was that hero and never be afraid to try
Or maybe be the one who always wins the race
Or maybe just for the least to have that look upon my face
Oh that my troubled heart could hold back its fears
Oh that I may reach out an touch someone with my tears
Or maybe just be the one to help and lend a hand
Or maybe be the reason for someone else to stand
Oh that I could be the one to make my father proud
Oh that I could find myself amongst a smaller crowd
Or maybe be the one who could never be deceived
Or maybe just be the one to give what I’ve received.
Oh that I could show God with all my heart
That with gifts of the spirit I will do my part
Or maybe for the least to thank him humbly on my knees
So that I may dwell with him in heaven oh so high above the trees

Based on Alma Chapter 26 in the Book of Mormon
“Faithful persons are expected to seek the gifts of the spirit with all their heart.” Bruce R McConkie

Joseph C. Baadsgaard

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Anonymous said...

I should have know you to be a writer...this is great. Thanks for the invite. I have ya on my google reader now and can keep track of ya. See ya round!