Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Light That Calls

The sea of life has tossed me about with all sorts of noise, confusion, tumult, and clout.

Darkness seems to grow at an unbeatable pace,

Dimming the countenance on my face.

My heart begins to wonder as I drift into the sea,

What is this light that shines inside of me?

I now realize my choices placed me in this drifting sea and I ask who is the one who that can set me free?

For the waves are high and when will your coming be nigh?

Will you help this light to burn brighter inside?

As my heart yearns to trust and confide?

The clouding darkness scares me so much.

Will you please reach out and heal me with your touch?

As my questions and cries seem to sail away in the waves,

I remember the times where he was kind, charitable and so willing to forgive.

I learned that while in those moments where I was in despair,

I can turn around to see that he’s always there.

For my Lord and Savior is always good to me and calls me back from the waves of the tossing sea.

As I heed his meek and humble call,

I see a light that begins to fall.

And as it fell the waves stood still,

With a path that lead to a tall standing hill.

Step by step I drew closer to the light,

Realizing that with his help I could win the fight.

For he stood like a lighthouse sending light across the sea,

Saying to all to come and follow me.

As I made the choice to follow him, I find myself on dry land.

He rushed out to meet me and embraced me with his hands.

I stepped back to look at him with my tear filled eyes,

My Lord and Savior appeared from disguise.

For my testimony of him is what’s pulled me through,

As I cried out I will follow you.

Joseph C. Baadsgaard

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